Tete De Moine Cheese

Some of you that attended the holiday appetizer class have asked about the special cheese we had.

Tête de Moine, literally monk’s head, is a cylindrical semi-hard smear cheese that weighs around 800 grams and has a very fine dough that melts a little in the mouth. It is not cut, but shaved into thin, twirly rosette shaped slices using a special knife such as the “Girolle” or the “Pirouette”. As it is shaved, the surface of the cheese that comes into contact with the air is increased. Firstly, this alters the structure of the cheese dough and, secondly, it helps the full aromatic, melt-in-the-mouth taste to develop. The monks in the Bellelay monastery in the modern-day Bernese Jura sliced their Tête de Moine cheese with the same kind of raised knife. According to religious tradition, the monks used the cheese as a means of payment as early as the 12th century.

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