Sicilian Pasta Scannaturi

Sicilian Pasta Scannaturi, the art of eating hand made pasta off a wooden board. Yes this is an art. The first time I had the please to experience this tradition was in Sicily with one of my dearest friends and wine makers Marilena Barbera.

In this cooking class we make it the traditional way (yes because I have also put a Bella spin and created a new one) we will prepare hand made fettucine, meatballs, spicy or mild Italian sausage, red sauce, roasted eggplant, zucchini and mushrooms in the pizza oven. It takes a village to prepare this Italian feast, We will cook the pasta and lay it across the wood board, ladle the red sauce, add the sausage, meatballs, roasted vegetables, fresh basil, parmesan, EVOO and lets throw in some burrata! While we have all the cooking going on, we will have some making us some parmesan herbed flat bread in the pizza oven. Also an Italian salad and for dessert Sicilian pistachio gelato.


$85 per person with eight people minimum

Contact Chef Shelly for availability