Puglia June 2019 – Day 2

Do you think you can handle waking up in this environment every morning?

Sunday morning, the start of our first full day at Trulli Andrea in Puglia. I told the guests to sleep in as long as they like. When they get good and ready grab a cup of Italian coffee and head on outside to enjoy the view. Today we will be making pizza’s in our fantastic pizza kitchen. I do believe I have given that pizza oven a good work out with all my visits.

Meet Lance our official ‘FIRE STARTER” I love this man!

I really love making pizza here at the villa. The setting is just beautiful. The outdoor dining table is huge. We have had pizza parties, dinner parties and wine tastings at this table. Just recently we had 20 people around this table for a pizza party.

This setting makes for some of the best Italian meals.
Making pizza dough with a garden and olive orchard view
Can you think of a better afternoon, hanging at the pool and making pizza?
Katy will probably kill me for this one. Those who have made pizza’s with me know that everyone must toss, no rolling pins allowed !
Everything tastes better in Italy!

Day two will be continued as we head out to visit the charming town of Ostuni for shopping and apertivo. Then to Carovigno for a wonderful dinner at Osteria Gia Sotto.

Ciao for now…..