Puglia June 2019 – Day 1

Can you think of a better way to start your week then with a shot of limoncello?

We are a group of twelve all traveling from Colorado to Puglia. Ten of these people actually live in the same neighborhood. All I got to say is after spending a week with these folks I want to move into their neighborhood. They fully embraced the Italian culture of cooking together, enjoying long meals, good wine….a lot of good wine. Here we are at P-Beach located near Torre Santa Sabina, if your are arriving in Brindisi by plane or train you should give it a visit. We enjoyed a fantastic seafood lunch with some Puglian wine right on the beach. http://www.pbeach.it/

My tempura shrimp & burrata at P-Beach

I always love the expression on my guests faces when we arrive to our Trulli style villa in Puglia. As much as I describe it to people, and they see photos all over my social media accounts, they are blown away when they arrive.

Trulli Andrea locate near Ceglie Messapica in Puglia

I usually suggest that guests do their hard core travel and touristy things before they arrive to our villa. As you will see in later posts, this is a villa you really want to sit back and enjoy. Most guest have been going non stop visiting places like Rome, Florence, Venice and the Amalfi Coast before arriving to us. High tourist areas where you literally are going non stop all day. I can physically see my guests instantly relax, de-stress and decompress within one hour at Trulli Andrea.

Totally relaxing in one of our pools. Yes there are two pools.

For our first meal at the villa we have a local chef come and prepare a meal using local products, flavors & recipes. Chef Loredana Nisi has come to the villa every time we visit. Its very nice for me so that I can visit with guests, get them familiar with the villa, grounds, get their laundry started and get their wine service started!!!!

Chef Loredana preparing for our dinner.
This tiramisu was amazing..

It has been an amazing first day at Trulli Andrea. Guests are tucked in for the night. It is a very peaceful and serene property. The owner of the villa actually purchased the land around the villa, to insure that it remains very quite and tranquil. Buona Notte my guests, sleep well in Puglia.

Sunsets are just amazing here at Trulli Andrea