Chef’s Favorite Products

OO Flour

OO flour from Italy, great for your pizza and pasta dough. Especially for those of you who have gluten intolerances using flour produced in the USA.

Organic Semolina Flour from Italy. Great for your pasta dough recipes.


I love my southwest disc, the type of cooking on the disc is referred to as discada. If you like entertaining, camping and cooking for large groups of family and friends this disc is such an awesome cooking tool. I have used it as a wok preparing large stir fry’s. I have also used it cooking Spanish and Latin foods, cooking meats and seafoods in the center, warming up corn and flour tortilla’s around the edges.

Savini Truffle Products…. myself and 30 other people traveling to Tuscany in June got to experience first hand these amazing truffle products. We actually went on a truffle hunt and then had a four course truffle lunch prepared for us. In the USA sometimes it is difficult to find truffle products, even more difficult to find products with real truffle and not just essence of truffle. These are the real deal.

Here are some of my favorite truffle products….the parmesan truffle cream & truffle butter are the best making a sauce for pasta also for a finishing touch to risotto.

I could not live without my KitchenAid mixer…. I hate to admit that I own three….but I teach cooking classes, so its ok right?

The Kitchen Aid pasta roller attachment is great! Makes pasta rolling so easy and quick

I love my Kitchen Aid pasta extruder…. home made macaroni for my lobster Mac n Cheese, rigatoni with a spicy Italian rage, fresh spaghetti is the best

Cavatelli is one of the easiest pasta’s to make. Three ingredients flour, water & salt. I love to serve cavatelli in soups and with seafood

Yes I do have hand crank pasta rollers also. The first one I received as a gift when I was 21. I still have it, and find it very satisfying to make pasta old school.

Chitarra Pasta Cutter…yes I have two. While on one of Bella’s Culinary travels in Italy I saw one in town and just had to buy it for guests at the villa to experience making pasta this way. Knowing full well I had one back in Colorado

Those of you who have been to cooking classes this past year have experienced the Sous Vide…..this is a favorite for sure I love it for entertaining and for healthy meal prep.

This is a container for Sous Vide cooking, although you can use a soup pot, sometimes with cooking at higher temperatures 170* for egg dishes and desserts, or for cooking for longer periods of time its good to have a container that is covered, to keep the heat and to to prevent water evaporation

I really like my Breville Juicer. I have been juicing off and on for 30 years. My first juicer that I still have is a Champion, its great but a monster and kind of a pain to clean. The Breville Juicer makes juicing so easy.

My Breville Ice Cream / Gelato maker is a favorite for sure. Its a little pricey so you need to be an ice cream or gelato fan. I burned through two cuisinart’s ice cream spinner. It was time for me to upgrade.

My husband does most of the stir frying in our home… he loves to make fried rice. I got hime the Breville Wok for Christmas a few years ago and he loves it.

If you have been to my Asian inspired cooking classes, this is the wok I use in class. This is a stove top wok, so you can control your heat. So if you are not looking to get another electrical appliance, this is a great choice.

I use my Cuisinart Food Processor a lot…. I mean a lot. For all my hummus recipes, chopping and slicing vegetables, some of my salad dressings, shredding cheeses. It’s a time saver.

If you have made pasta dough or bread dough with me, you have used my pastry/bench scraper. I would be lost without mine.

While I do own a digital scale, the one that I use all the time is old school. Many of my recipes for baking, pasta, pizza dough require weighing food product.

Something I cannot part with is my large paella pan and outdoor paella burner…. yes I have two because I think it is great to invite friends over for a friendly paella competition. Makes for a great dinner and fun evening with friends.

I must include some of my favorite cook books… Calling all bacon lovers.. bacon for breakfast, lunch, dinner & dessert

If you love making pasta like me, I have several books that I research, this is a great book for flavored, colored and different shapes of pasta. Great illustrations

I traveled to Vietnam in 2017 and absolutely fell in love with the food, the people and the scenery. Charles Phan is the owner of the Slanted Door in San Francisco

Another Vietnamese cook book from Charles Phan

If you enjoy baking My Sweet Kitchen has some fun desserts. Chocolate Pavlova with Malted Milk Balls, Chocolate Cake with Caramel Popcorn, Sea Salt Chocolate Macarons which are delish

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