Cantine Barbera Menfi Sicily

May I introduce to you by dear friend, Marilena Barbera. If you are a frequent guest of Bella Bistro chance are you have met this charming Italian woman. If you have not had the pleasure of meeting her yet, I do know if you have dined at Bella you surely have had the pleasure of drinking her wine.

I am in Sicily now with Marilena, we are awaiting guest’s to arrive from Colorado. I will be blogging in the days to come of our wine and food adventures. It really is a pleasure to be around someone who has as much passion about wine as I have for food. Truly a friendship that was meant to be from the beginning.

My name is Marilena Barbera, and I am proprietor and winemaker at Cantine Barbera, our family winery based in Sicily.

Our commitment is to produce quality wines only with the grapes we’ve grown and selected in Menfi, in our Tenuta Belicello.

We believe in the magic of making wine, and making it in a fully sustainable way.

We use indigenous yeasts for fermentation, which we select and reproduce in our vineyards. Our wines do not contain GMO and have very low levels of sulfites. We do not use concentration or micro-oxigenation techniques, and we stabilize our wines only using cold temperatures. Filtration is performed through natural cellulose layers, that we compost after use, as well as sludges deriving from water treatment. All our processes are constantly monitored in order to implement the quality and the full traceability of all our wines, and to guarantee environmental respect and protection.

Our customers are people who care about food and about the way it is produced, who are interested in the traditional culture that is beyond a bottle of good wine, who respect the work that winegrowers do to achieve quality, and to make the pleasure of wine possible everyday.