Bella’s Pizza Dough

This pizza was cooked on a BBQ grill

So you all know how much I love my pizza oven, but I know not everyone has one. So if you do not have a pizza oven your BBQ grill is your best bet for achieving a great pizza. You need the fire and intense heat to caramelize the pizza dough for great flavor and get that dough to bubble up.

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Bella’s Pizza Dough

This pizza dough recipe will make six – eight ounce pizza doughs. This recipe can easily be scaled back in half. You can also use this dough to make grilled flat bread, and pizza salads.

  • Yield: 6 1x



2 pounds 00 flour or all purpose

2 teaspoons salt

22 ounces warm water (100* – 115*)

1 tablespoon active dry or instant yeast


Sprinkle active dry yeast over the warm water. Allow to dissolve until foamy. About five minutes. If using instant yeast add to the flour.

In your mixing bowl combine the flour and sea salt. Attach the dough hook and mix together. Slowly add your water yeast mixture. Knead on a low speed for about 5 minutes. You want the dough to be smooth and elastic.

Place your dough in a lightly oiled bowl. Cover with plastic wrap and place in a warm place. You may also cover with a towel to keep warm. Allow to rise at least 1 1/2 to 2 hours until doubled in size. For more flavor you can let rise longer.


Punch down the dough and place on a floured work surface. Cut and weigh the dough into 8 ounce portions . Cover with kitchen towel and let rest 5 minutes. Shape each piece into a ball with a little bit of surface tension. Place on an oiled or floured sheet pan, loosely cover with plastic and allow to rise for 30 minutes. If you are not using right away refrigerator. Especially in warmer weather.


To shape for pizza place dough ball on floured work surface. Flatten ball into a disk with your hands. Working form the center of the disk outward, press the dough out with the heels of your hands.Keep the edges thicker then the center. Work the dough until it is about 12 inches round.


Transfer to a bakers peel dusted with corn meal. Place your choice of toppings.


Bake in oven with stone at 475* for 15 to 20 minutes until crust is crispy and toppings are hot and bubbly.


Pre heat your BBQ grill to at least 450* , 500* is optimal

Cook on hot grill. Using pizza peel slide onto grill grate. Close the lid to maintain the heat of the grill. After a minute open and check on your pizza. Once dough starts cooking and starting to blister start rotating pizza to cook evenly. Check the bottom and make sure it is not getting to much color or is burning. You can also move pizza to the top rack to avoid any more direct heat on the bottom of the pizza. Once you achieve nice color and cheese is melted and topping are heated .

Every BBQ grill is different. It make take you a couple of times to figure out your grill and making pizza. Do not give up. The efforts are worth it for a great pizza.

  • Author: Chef Shelly